Saturday, 25 February 2012

I have took inspiration from  the artist Modigliani who was an Italian painter and sculptor.  He had a very distinct style of drawing people, a style that I like a lot.

  Watercolour and fineliner
Based on my lovely mum 
(not sure if she would be offended or pleased hehe)

This one is based on Alice in Wonderland

Experimented by adding Patterns on Photoshop.


Paint Splashes

Finding images out of splashes of paint is so much fun and can really get your ideas flowing.  I found a very odd looking rabbit out of my splashes.

Drawing Lab

I have been so busy with uni work I have neglected my blog :( So I have decided to spend today posting some illustrations I have been working on.  Just for fun to take a break from my usual projects I have been doing some art workshops from the book Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim.  It is a brilliant book and I would definitely recommend it if your in the need of some inspiration.  I have been drawing cats :)

Watercolour pencil crayons

Ink and pencil crayon

Fineliner and Photoshop

Cat Pattern - I wish I had a dress of this pattern :)